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Addressing India's Air Pollution Control Needs

As regulators in India develop stricter standards for industrial air pollutants, two capital equipment suppliers have formed a new partnership to meet the upcoming demand for air pollution control solutions from Indian manufacturers and factories.

Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc. (Anguil) and MOJJ Engineering Systems Ltd. (MOJJ) have teamed up to offer turnkey abatement solutions for toxic vapors and harmful fumes from industry.

Anguil, a United States based provider of industrial air pollution control,emission abatement and energy recovery systems, has been serving the global marketplace since 1978. The Anguil combustion technologies destroy Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP) from industrial sources. When released in to the atmosphere these pollutants contribute to smog as well as the destruction of agriculture and forests. In humans they can cause birth defects, nervous system damage, respiratory ailments, heart conditions or even death during massive accidental releases.

When compared to conventional air pollution control methods, Anguil thermal and catalytic oxidizers offer higher destruction efficiency and lower operating costs. All Anguil systems are guaranteed to meet or exceed regulatory requirements and capable of greater than 99% destruction efficiency with minimal greenhouse gas output.

India based MOJJ, is a supplier of turnkey solutions, systems and equipment in the field of drying, evaporation, distillation and zero discharge systems for the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, ceramic, dyes and alcohol industries. Headquartered in Pune since 1986, MOJJ owns and operates three fabrication facilities conforming to international standards that meet the same quality control standards guaranteed with Anguil products.

Having Indian fabrication capability allows Anguil oxidation equipment to be manufactured utilizing local resources while avoiding substantial international freight costs and duties. Through this partnership, customers in India can expect a single source provider for their specific emission control needs.

Anguil and MOJJ pride themselves on understanding and meeting the specific needs of their clientele. By combining complimentary product lines, both capital equipment companies are confident customers will be provided with tested and dependable turnkey solutions for their industrial applications.

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